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Mystery Safety Eye Boxes (5 Pairs)

Mystery Safety Eye Boxes (5 Pairs)

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**Please make sure to choose your style and size prior to checking out!**

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These Safety Eye Mystery Boxes are perfect for those that love a fun surprise!

Each box comes with 5 pairs of eyes. You can pick the pupil style and size, but the colors will be a mystery! If you choose the ‘surprise me’ option, you will receive a mix of the different pupil styles.

**These eyes are not hand painted. They will come with a colored disk that goes on the back of the eyes to give them their color!**

There will not be duplicates in your box, but if you order more than one box you may receive duplicates.

These eyes are ‘sinkers’, which means they sit more flush with the plushie once the backs are clicked in. These eyes are designed to be extremely secure, so you may need a tool to help you snap the backs into place. I posted a video on Instagram for reference, it can be viewed here.

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