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How can I purchase a plushie?

Plushies are typically available on my website once they are posted to social media!

I occasionally hold onto plushies to do a plushie ‘drop’ or for upcoming markets, so if don’t see a plushie on my website that you saw recently on social media, feel free to reach out to see if it is available! Momsstitchetti@gmail.com 

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If you live in another country and are interested in purchasing a plushie, please reach out and I will see if I can ship to you!

Do you accept custom orders?

Right now my customs are closed, but check out the Custom Plushie Requests page for information on custom orders!

Safety Eyes

I want to purchase safety eyes, but they are sold out.

I do safety eye ‘drops’ on a Saturdays at 3 pm Central Standard Time. Keep an eye on my Instagram for any updates!


Some tips for shopping them before they sell out:

  • Be on the website a minute or so before the restock
  • Make an account on the website so your shipping details are already entered
  • Pay using Apple Pay or ShopPay so your payment details are ready to go

I had safety eyes in my cart, but they sold out before I could check out?

Unfortunately your cart is not secured until you finish checking out. There isn’t a way for me to hold your cart at this time ❤️

What is the fastest way to checkout to make sure I don’t lose the items in my cart?

The quickest way to checkout is through ShopPay or Apple Pay. You can find more information on ShopPay here.

Why can’t I order safety eyes outside of the preorder window?

Our safety eyes are hand painted by us here at Moms Stitchetti and we can only take on so many orders unfortunately.

In the future we may offer eyes that are not hand painted that could be ordered at any time ❤️

Will you bring back limited edition colors?

Limited edition colors change each week! We might rotate old favorites back into the mix, so keep your eyes peeled!

Are they sold in sets or pairs?

Our safety eyes are sold in pairs.

What is the difference between standard and kawaii style eyes?

Standard safety eyes have the pupil in the middle of the eye. Kawaii safety eyes have an offset pupil.

What are 'sinker' eyes?

Sinker eyes do not sit above the finished plushie like normal safety eyes- they 'sink' into the finished plushie to provide a more flush look. This is beneficial because they are very difficult to remove!

How do I attach sinker eyes?

Sinker eyes work the same way as other safety eyes- they have a plastic backing that goes on the inside of your finished piece.

I suggest ensuring the backing clicks in at least 2 times so that they are secure.

You can use a safety eye tool, a socket wrench, or even pliers to apply pressure to the back of the eye while the front of the eye is on a hard surface. I posted a video on Instagram to demonstrate how I attach them using a safety eye tool- it can be viewed here.

Will you have more colors available?

We may offer more colors in the future! We currently have 19 weekly colors + a new limited edition color each week.

Why is the turn around time 2-3 weeks?

Our safety eyes are hand painted by us and are a labor of love!

We make our own pigments, paints, and packaging supplies. Additionally, each pair needs time to set, be looked over, and individually packaged!

By having a 2-3 week turn around time, we are ensuring we don’t get overwhelmed and are able to continue providing safety eyes for you all ❤️

Where do you ship?

We currently ship our safety eyes to the US, Canada, and Australia. We hope to expand to other areas soon!


Do you sell your patterns?

I do! If you do not see the pattern you are looking for in my shop, it hasn’t been released yet. Most of my patterns (and mods) will be released eventually!

What yarn/size eyes/hook size do you use?

  • I mainly use Bernat Blanket, Premier Basix Chenille, and Premier Parfait XL for my plushies. My posts on Instagram typically have the yarn type used listed in the description!
  • For my larger plushies made with Bernat Blanket or Premier Basix Chenielle, I use 25 mm eyes. For my jumbo plushies made with Premier Parfait XL, I use 30 mm eyes.
  • I use a 7 or 8 mm hook with Bernat Blanket Yarn and Premier Basix Chenielle. I use a 9 mm hook with Premier Parfait XL.

You can shop some of my favorite products on my Favorite Products page.

How do I wash your items?

For plushies I recommend spot cleaning with a damp wash cloth and air drying. If you need to do a full on wash, hand wash and let air dry. I do not suggest putting them in the washer or dryer.

For hats/ear warmers, I suggest hand washing cold and laying flat to dry. I do not suggest putting them in the washer or dryer. Additionally, the majority of my pom poms are removable and should be removed prior to washing. Faux fur pom poms can be fluffed by using a blow dryer on low heat!

Do you teach crochet classes?

At this time I do not teach classes. Maybe one day!