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Special Order Eyes

Special Order Eyes

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Restocked every Saturday at 3 pm CST. They will show SOLD OUT until then.

**Made to order. Ship within 2-3 weeks of purchase.**


Add extra personality to your amigurumi with these iridescent safety eyes!

Each pair is hand painted by us here at Moms Stitchetti, which means each one is unique! Choose your style, size, and color to match any project.

Sold as individual pairs with safety backs included.

These eyes are ‘sinkers’, which means they sit more flush with the plushie once the backs are clicked in. These eyes are designed to be extremely secure, so you may need a tool to help you snap the backs into place. I posted a video on Instagram for reference, it can be viewed here.

*Eyes are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship!*

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